Apples and Oranges – Problems with European iPhone Releases Continue


So you may remember that Orange jumped the gun on the whole annoucement of the iPhone in France thing. Apple wasn’t happy about that, and even issued a statement that they hadn’t announced anything about a France release – they have only mentioned the UK and Germany.

The two companies are having serious relationship issues, mainly because they can’t agree on very many points. Orange wants Apple to provide a discount for the iPhone with a long contract. Apple, of course, wants a cut of the monthly revenue from the iPhone. Also, there is that whole “unlocking” thing that France requires with cellphones (although they can be locked for 6 months before it is required that they be unlocked…and Apple plans to have a new iPhone out by then anyway).

Will these two fruit-themed companies be able to live together in harmony? I have no idea…but it sure is funny (you know, with the whole name thing).


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