Update – iPhone Quicktours


Apple has updated it’s official site with Quick Tours that cover all the features of the iPhone and how they work – including the YouTube application.

These Quick Tours really give you an idea of how the iPhone is going to work, and remind me that – even though I’m a little miffed about the lack of Flash and Java support on the iPhone at launch…there is still a lot to be excited about on this little device.



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  1. Something about your Hillbillie accent. I just looove it!!!
    You don’t have to hide it for me. I think it’s really original.

    Greetz from the Netherlands (Western-Europe).


  2. I can’t believe Apple went into so much detail about how the accelerometer works. You’d think that they would guard the hell out of that secrect.

  3. @krye

    Yeah, that must be a non trade secret, because they go into a very detailed explanation of how it works.

    I think these Quick Tours are the best bit of marketing for the iPhone yet….they really show it off well.