Apple selects long time Advertising Partner for “iPhone” ads

applelogo2000.jpgThere’s lots of talk today about TBWACChiatDay winning the bid to design the advertising campaign for the iPhone. I can’t say that I’m in anyway surprised by this. In fact, I would have been extremely surprised if At&t’s prefered Advertising partner had taken it over. It just wouldn’t make sense.

Several people online are claiming that this shows Apple’s power over At&t in regards to the iPhone, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily the case. It would be unbelievably stupid to not let the same company that created the “1984” ad, and the “iPod silloutte” ads, and the “Think Different” ads, create the iPhone advertising campaign. At&t knows that Apple handles this part of their marketing VERY well, I can’t imagine them having a reason to change it.

Do I think Jobs would have balked at the idea of changing the ad company? Sure. Did he? Maybe. All I’m saying is that it’s a smart move that I find in no way surprising.

Apple Gazette Team
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