Apple Removes Google Search Reference in OS 4.0

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Pic via Electronista

I’m not fortunate enough to be an iPhone developer – although I’m considering it – so I have to rely on the kindness of strangers for images like this one. As it turns out, these strangers are pretty nice, because lots of them are posting images similar to the one above. Now, this looks like any old screenshot, but as it turns out, there’s one key thing missing: Google.

In OS 4.0, Apple has removed the “Google” button in the corner of a web search, and replaced it with the word “Search.” Now this seems pretty basic of a change, until you consider that Google and Apple aren’t exactly besties anymore, and have had a little bit of tension as of late.

Of course, this is lending some credence to the theory that Apple is switching the default search for the iPhone from Google to Bing, Now this is by no means confirmed, and is still very much a rumor. And granted, Apple could change this button back to “Google” before the OS goes live, but this is another interesting revelation. Guess we’ll see what happens come this summer, right?

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