Apple Releases Rules for In Store iPhone Purchases

Apple issues a press release this morning laying down the law on how the purchasing of iPhones are going to be handled at Apple Store locations:

All 164 Apple retail stores in the US will stay open until midnight, and customers can purchase up to two iPhones on a first come, first served basis. Beginning Saturday morning, iPhone customers can learn how to get the most out of the iPhone with free, in-depth workshops offered throughout the day at all Apple retail stores. Every Apple retail store will offer support for iPhone at the Genius Bar and personal training through Apple’s new One to One program.

Apple has provided a retail store locater service on their site (which has been there forever, but still…) that now also includes an Availability checker, to make sure you don’t waste your time on a long drive for nothing.



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  1. I don’t like that people can buy two iPhones. That means that everyone in front of ME will be buying two and scalping one on eBay, and they’ll sell out right right before I get mine.

    – Drew, the eternal pessimist

  2. I don’t think we’ll have to worry TOO much about scalping on eBay. I think Apple has plenty of iPhones to go around.

    They might sell out of initial inventory, you’ll still be able to order them online and have it shipped to your house in a few days.

  3. I don’t think you can buy two phones at the AT&T stores. The Ebay flippers have to line up at the Apple stores only.