Apple isn’t using an iPhone in their iPhone Demonstration Video

I just watched the latest iPhone video over at – it shows you how to activate your service, and also how to sync your iPhone with all of your content.

The interesting thing is that they don’t seem to be using an iPhone to do all of this…here, take a look.

This is a screenshot of the iPhone info, that says there are 7.27 Gigs available when the iPhone is empty.


Now, after they sync everything, they show us the bar in the bottom of iTunes that lets you know how much of your device’s hard drive space is taken up. Here’s the one from the video…


So…why do you think that is? Obviously there isn’t a super-secret 80 gig iPhone laying around somewhere. So they must have been using an iPod…but I wonder why? The thing didn’t have a Games Tab, so it can’t be that they’re just using an iPod sync software example…

very strange…



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  1. I think this was simply a mistake when creating the video due to iPhone availability.
    I’m certain it will be corrected soon.

  2. Let’s all give John a call at 1 (408) 550 – 3542 like it shows on the screen shot and ask him.