Apple has received $400 Million in Free Advertising for iPhone

apple-logo.jpgHarvard Professor David Yoffie estimates that Apple has received over $400 Million in free advertising for the iPhone.  Stating that “No other company has ever received that kind of attention for a product launch.” in this lengthy article about Apple’s market savy.

Of course, for readers of this site…and any other Apple related blog, this is no real surprise…and honestly, the number is probably low.  Plus, the Apple marketing machine hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet on the iPhone.  The reality distortion field isn’t down…it hasn’t been removed…we’re just in the eye of the storm.  Come June, I’m sure it will be back in full effect. 🙂

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  1. I think thats the way most new Apple products gets the best advertising not only the iPhone. Is it not the same with iPods, Leopard and the Apple TV. They all get this advertising for free.