Apple announces “iPhone Tech Talk World Tour”

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Early this morning Apple sent out an email to developers announcing an “iPhone Tech Talk World Tour”. The message reads:

Apple technology evangelists will soon be traveling the globe to bring iPhone application development expertise to a city near you.

Learn about the tools and technologies you’ll use to create great iPhone applications, then work with experts to optimize your code, refine your user interface, and apply the knowledge you gain from the sessions.

Whether you’re new to iPhone development, a seasoned professional, or an IT Pro, you’ll find a session designed just for you. Plus, learn how to get your application in front of millions of users on the App Store.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity The event is free, but space is limited. Register for an iPhone Tech Talk today.

I have already submitted my registration information for the Nov 3rd, talk in Austin.

I’m betting these are going to fill up fast – so if you want to register, do it soon.

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