Another iPhone Clone…this time from Deeda!

deedapi.jpgWho is Deeda?

No…I’m asking you…who is Deeda? I don’t have a clue. I’ve never heard of them before. All I know is that they have a pretty lame website, and are promising an iPhone knock off that I doubt we’ll ever actually see.

The device is called “Pi” and features an impressive set of specs. From the onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Firefox browser, Google Maps, video playback, to the up to 60 gig hard drive this things sounds too good to be true.

Which means it probably is. If this was a company I’d ever heard of, or a device that wasn’t an obvious iPhone knock-off, I might be a little more impressed, but regardless, there it is in all its photoshopped glory…



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  1. Errr nice Flash demo. That’s all it is.

    I’ll hang my ridicule of this on a single detail: using Impact in the UI of a small-screen device. Ha!