Analyst Predicts: Apple sells 3 Million iPhone 3Gs in the first month of release

Not too long ago, Apple was telling us that they had sold 1 Million iPhones over the opening weekend. Now, Fortune is reporting that they managed to triple that number to 3 million units sold in the first month of the iPhone 3Gs release.

This info comes from Micahel Cote, an analyst who is a former T-Mobile executive. From what I understand he has a decent track record with these kinds of predictions.

For comparison, the original iPhone took 10 weeks to sell 1 Million units. Things are continuing to go spectacularly well for Apple sales wise, even if there have been a few hiccups in the iPhon3G, App Store, and MobileMe launches.

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  1. If my math is correct that means that Apple has sold around 9 million iPhones to date. This also means that they have sold nearly 15 million units between the iPod Touch and the iPhone, this puts Apple at a pretty good position to compete with other mobile game platforms.

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