Alabama woman sues Apple over “Defective iPhone 3G”

An Alabama woman has filed a complaint that she hopes will turn into a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the spottiness of the iPhone 3G. We’ve all read the problems online, and many people have experienced the dropped calls and overall connection troubles even in well covered 3G areas.

If this does become a class action suit (and since Apple has yet to provide an actual fix for this problem, despite the almost 250 mb update from earlier this week, it probably will) the woman asks that the company be required to pay an unspecified amount of damages, pre- and post- judgement interest on monetary relief, and attorney’s fees.

I’m honestly surprised this took this long. Don’t be surprised if someone doesn’t do the exact same thing about MobileMe in the near future as well.

Man – this product launch did not go well at all.



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