5 iPhone Apps I Can’t Wait to Download

After spending the last hour or so rummaging through the iPhone App Store in iTunes there are several applications that I just can’t wait to get my hands on.

TripLog/1040 – If you file a 1040 on your taxes, then you probably already know that you can write-off your travel expenses. Triplog looks like a easy way to keep track of things in your pocket. I know if I could keep track of this stuff on my iPhone I’d do a much better job of writing everything down. Hopefully this application will pay for itself.

Price: $12.99

Light – I use my iPhone as a Flashlight all the time. Everyday to be exact. So I’m very glad to see an iPhone “light” application (although I think the 3 or 4 that are in the App Store might be a bit over kill). This one is free – so I’m going for it. I don’t see much of a reason to pay .99 cents for a white screen.

price: Free

Twitterific – I’m addicted to twitter, and Twitterific is a great Twitter client, and of the two that are available, looks like the best Twitter app for the iPhone at launch. I expect there to be many more entries into the Twitter App game soon, but Twitterific will certainly get the job done.

Price: Free (with ads) or $9.99

Guitar Toolkit – I’ve been attempting to learn the guitar for a while now, and Guitar Toolkit looks like it will be a great help. It’s a tuner, it’s a metronome, and it’s even a chord reference guide. This app looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to give it a try.

Price: $9.99

Super Monkey Ball – Sega’s franchise was BORN for the iPhone, and I cannot wait to play it. I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow morning after I have the new iPhone 3G before downloading anything – but this will be the first thing I get as I’m walking out of the store (assuming they come with iPhone 2.0 installed).



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  1. Actually, SEGA made wonderful games on portable consoles long before the iPhone. It’s not like “omg, SEGA games only rule on the iPhone” – they ruled long before.

  2. @Jan

    Oh just hush.

    We all know SEGA has been a round for a long time, and has made MANY, MANY wonderful games. Super Monkey Ball – however, was BORN – I SAY BORN – to be played on a device like the iPhone.

    SO there. 😛

  3. hey, paying 99 cents for this flashlight – myLite from DoApp –
    gets you a whole lot more than a white screen