30 Days of iPhone – Day 7


Wow…had an interesting little freak out today.

All of the sudden, right after I turned the power on, the iPhone icons started dancing around the screen for a few seconds, then a box came up with red text that said “checking connection…” a progress bar spun for a second, then it went away and everything was fine.

Not real sure what happened there, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.

I also came across a FANTASTIC new IM client today call BeeJive.

https://iphone.beejive.com is the address to the iPhone designed app, and it is great. It looks just like iChat should on the iPhone and even allows for multiple client logins (something iChat doesn’t even do on a Mac).

BeeJive is, hands down, the coolest iPhone App I’ve seen thus far…although I do have to question how these companies are going to make any money…ah well…thoughts for another day…



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  1. @Steve –

    Sorry, I did get it the other day…and I’m going to get to it in tomorrow’s 30 Days I promise!!

    I’ve spent so much time uninstalling and reinstalling with this damn podcast stuff I just forgot to reply!

    I’m a tool.