02 helps Apple UK prep for iPhone launch day

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O2 will be selling pre-paid iPhones at Apple Stores as well as Carphone Warehouse, and its own retail locations when the iPhone launches in the UK on July 11th. iPhones will also be sold at branded concession stands in locations like Superdrug as well according to MacNN. The pre-paid pricing for the phone is expected to start at around £350 ($650).

In addition to that it looks like Apple stores in the UK may have to scramble to get ready for the launch. Currently there is no way for them to run credit checks, which will make it impossible for them to sell iPhones. Obviously that’s something they have to get corrected, but they do still have 21 days to get it all set up, so I doubt they’ll be unable to sell iPhones on launch day.

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3 thoughts on “02 helps Apple UK prep for iPhone launch day

  1. £350? Forget it! I’ll stick to my iPod Touch. That’s two generations of iPhone that’s out of my price range. Disappointing.

  2. @MattFM

    Just curious – why not go the contract route?

    You can’t take the phone to another carrier anyway, so you have stick with 02 either way.

  3. Hack it! Lets face it the iphone wouldn’t be half the phone it is today if it weren’t for the hackers! Thank you! Also if the were relying on contracts they wouldn’t of sold half as much. Don’t waste your money on contracts……………….HACK IT!!!

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