The TSTAND May Be the iPad Stand You’ve Been Looking For

Yesterday, we took a look at a more-than-feasible solution for iPad Mini 4 owners who want to make sure their device has maximum protection.

Today, it’s all about comfort.

How many times have you had to adjust your position while reading, playing, or doing whatever you do with your iPad? Me, I can’t count those times – especially when I’m playing on the couch while watching TV or when I’m reading in bed.

Either it’s simply uncomfortable, or it’s impossible to do what I want to do without feeling a little pain at some point. (I’m sure you know what I mean.)

Guess what? Sean Kieley might just have solved that problem with his product called the TSTAND.

tstand ipad stand

As you can see, the TSTAND can be positioned in many different ways – from reading in bed to working at your desk.

With the degree of flexibility this iPad stand has to offer, the strain on your wrists (one of my main issues) is not a problem anymore. You just have to find the right stand configuration.

And since the iPad is meant to be used on the go, TSTAND is designed to be lightweight and compact (a little over 1 pound).

tstand ipad stand

But here’s my favorite thing, really.

tstand ipad stand

TSTAND comes in glossy black and matte silver.

tstand black

tstand silver

It also fits other tablets like Microsoft Surface, the Kindle, and Nook – you know, just in case you have one of them, too.

So, here’s where you come in.

The TSTAND is on Kickstarter with 32 days to go. They’re halfway to their goal, but if you think this iPad stand will do the trick for you, go pitch in! If they are able to deliver by early December (the target month), then you might even be able to give it as a cool Christmas gift!

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