The iPad and Printing

I can’t get over this picture, it gets me every time.

As it turns out though, there may be something coming down the pike.I’m not one to report on rumors, but MacRumors has Steve’s latest e-mail (he’s been quite vocal, recently) and it’s pretty clear. The question:

Dear Steve,

Why no printing on the iPad? What gives?

And the response:

it will come.

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Well that was definitive.

When I gave my mother her iPad yesterday, one of the first things she asked me was, “Does it print?” Although I know there are several options on the App store, it’s still not an Apple-approved product, which means it involves workarounds. I think that ultimately, this is something that Apple needs to address. I know that my mother is thinking of using the iPad full time, but until she can print her pictures, it just doesn’t really become a desktop replacement.

But for me, printing is just one of the things on the iPad that needs to be improved. File syncing for the iWork apps needs to be fixed because as it is, it sucks. Hard. I’m confident that it will get fixed either in the next OS update or in an app update in the coming months, but until then, it is one of the few things that really kills me about the Unicorn Tablet.

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