Simulated Luxury for your iPad: XGear Carbon Leather Case

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Back in December, I first posted about a carbon fiber MacBook case designed to siphon cash out of your wallet and transplant your MacBook with metric tons of cool. And frankly, were I to have more disposable income, I’d get one. Granted, I’d have to have LOTS of disposable income, but if we’re fantasizing here, why not think big. Now excuse me, I’m off to my yacht. Made of gold. And iPods.

Anyways, iLounge just got a sneak-peek at a new carbon-fiber look case by XGear, all fresh and new for the iPad. At first, I was really excited about this one, because I figured the extra protection that carbon fiber offers would come in really handy on an iPad. But then …

Sporting a design that covers the back of the iPad while snapping over the device’s four corners to provide a proper fit and added drop protection, the case also features a carbon fiber leather fabric exterior covering an ABS plastic shell, and open access to all ports and controls.

Oh, my hopes are dashed. Carbon fiber leather? Might as well be made of fluffernutter, because I’m just not interested. Carbon fiber leather doesn’t really have that same look to it, and there’s zero added protection. I might as well spend the money on a decent Vaja case that’s real leather and super expensive, and not skimp on the quality. But maybe you’re not me (chances are, that’s the case) so if you want one, get ready to spend $50.

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4 thoughts on “Simulated Luxury for your iPad: XGear Carbon Leather Case

  1. Not so proud to admit I bought once… It’s a cheap, low quality (materials and build) plastic case that destroys itself after a few days of light use. May be a good deal for $10-15 but not the $60 sellers ask for it. It is NOT leather nor carbon fibre: just plastic, cardboard (yes, cardboard) and cheap felp.

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