Phillips Shows off iPad Accessories

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Phillips is known for more high-end electronics and gadgets, but it looks like they want to get in on the iPad craze too. They recently put out this webpage with new products for our favorite tablet device that’s not yet released, including the case pictured above. It’s a reversible sleeve in black and red with velcro snaps to keep your iPad all nice and cozy. Then there’s a portable speaker, headphones, a leather case and even a plastic screen protector. Looks like they’re going after the market pretty hard.

I mentioned this the other day, but there are so many cool accessories coming out for the iPad in the next few months that it makes me want one pretty bad. It wasn’t like that for me and the iPhone. No, I decided that I wanted one because of the form factor, the bigger capacity included with the 3G model at the time, and the functionality. This time around, I’m seeing all of the creative things that people are doing with a device that doesn’t yet exist and realizing that maybe this device does have a place in my life. Maybe I wouldn’t carry it around every day, but I could certainly see myself bringing this to business meetings and appointments.

Now what will be really exciting is to see when someone comes up with a case/keyboard combination, or a flexible keyboard that will fit into an iPad case, making it a complete workstation on the go. If you’re a manufacturer and I just gave you a cool idea, feel free to use it. Just make sure to send me a free one once it’s designed. With an iPad.

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  1. So Phillips has stepped into the iPad accessories arena. Very interesting. This is good because it will keep everyone honest and the quality standards up. It will be interesting to see how they match up against Belkin, Griffin, Marware, etc.

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