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Well in all fairness, the only graphic content here is the graphic destruction of an iPad, one of the most brutal images of which is captured above. PCWorld put the iPad through a series of stress tests to see what they could do with it, and they took it above and beyond the norm.

Where most people would do a drop test and try to scratch it up, they also poured coffee on it, attempted to clean it up with soap and gratuitous amounts of water, and then did a 5-foot drop onto concrete. The results, well, aren’t pretty.

The good stuff: iPad screen is virtually scratch proof, as a nail won’t do any damage to the screen. Plus it did pretty well being operated by a donut, and even handled the coffee pretty well for a little bit.

The bad stuff: Drop onto carpet pixelated some of the screen, water killed the unit – shocker – and from 5 feet on concrete, it breaks. At least on the second try.

At the end of  the day, PCWorld just proved to me what I’ve known pretty much all along – if you’re buying an iPad or already have one, make sure to get a case. A pretty one. Maybe a big one. Just make sure it does a good job of protecting your iPad, otherwise you’re going to be buying a new one.

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3 thoughts on “iPad Stress Tested by PCWorld – Graphic Content Ahead

  1. can’t get their stupid Flash video to play…why do people continue to use such antiquated software to give video content…can’t they see how great Apple.com is with NO FLASH AT ALL…

    everyone needs to get a grip and get away from flash…I’m on a 2009 top tier 15″ Macbook Pro…and it doesn’t work well…how can it on anything else

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