An iPad For Everyone: Seton Hill Gives Fall 2010 Students an iPad Each

We’ve heard about colleges giving students iPads before, but this is kind of a new level. That’s because Seton Hill University is going to give shiny new iPads to everyone of their full-time students starting in the Fall 2010 semester. This is kind of a big deal. From the site:

March 30, 2010 – The iPad initiative kicks off the University’s Griffin Technology Advantage Program. This new program provides students with the best in technology and collaborative learning tools, ensuring that Seton Hill students will be uniquely suited to whatever careers they choose – even those that have not yet been created.

Now that’s big news, and it’s really cool and all, but if you go a bit deeper, you find out more. Fromt the Griffin Technology Advantage page for Seton Hill:

Beginning in the fall of 2010, all first year undergraduate students at Seton Hill will receive a 13″ MacBook laptop and an iPad. You will have complete access to these mobile technologies for classes as well as at all times for personal use. After two years, Seton Hill will replace your laptop with a new one – one that you can take with you when you graduate!

C’mon. So you get a new 13-inch MacBook, and an iPad? It’s OK, I’m sure it comes with no software preinstalled or anything.

Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard(includes Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, Xcode Developer Tools)

iLife (includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, iDVD)

Mac Office 2008

VMWare Fusion

Windows XP

Microsoft Office 2007

Seriously? And as if that wasn’t big enough, Seton Hill also provides 100mbs of Internet bandwidth from Level 3, on-site Applecare (including loaner MacBooks) and a campus-wide wireless internet service. Wow. Now all you have to do is sign up.

Kevin Whipps

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