12 Killer iPad Retina Wallpapers for Apple Geeks

Do you consider yourself a diehard Apple fanboy or fangirl? If so, these 12 high quality wallpapers are for you. They’re retina-screen ready for “the new iPad,” aka iPad 3, and each one is guaranteed to show the world just how much you love Apple.

Click on an image to be taken to the website it came from, where you can download the full-size, 2048×2048 HD resolution images. (In case you’re wondering: iPad wallpapers have to be square to accommodate both landscape and portrait orientation.)

The artist cleverly used a photo of actual Apple architecture outside of the Amsterdam store to create this one.

Most of these images are CG paintings or renderings. This one is a high-res photo.
Look familiar? It's the same galaxy image used by Apple to promote OS X Mountain Lion.
Sorry, Androiders. Couldn't resist.

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