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Bought Skyrim for the PS3 at launch. More than 50 quests, 24 in game days, more than 48 hours of game time spent. Wow. And I’ve just barely scratched the surface of one of the year’s most immersive titles. Bethesda sure put in a lot of detail into this masterpiece. Your armor loses its shine. Dragons that come crashing down leave a trail of dirt. And the books have text. Yep, I lost myself into the game’s countless tomes adding more and more to my collection inside my house at Whiterun.

There’s nothing like taking a break from a dungeon by reading a book that was found lying in a pile in one of the abandoned shelves. From short stories, to historical accounts, to satire .. the books gave Elder Scrolls a deeper level of the immersion video games have always wanted to give.

Ever wish you could just read all the books? If you thought everything existed in the Wizard’s College, you’re mistaken. Some guy was able to find the text files of all the books in the game and converted it to both MOBI and EPUB format.


YES. EVERYTHING. From The Argonian Account, to Children of the Sky to The Dragon Break Reexamined and Mace Etiquette. Everything!

The file contains 1062 pages and makes for a real novel that you can read. A collection of short stories if you must, set in the Elder Scrolls universe.

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