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Check out our guide on refurbished Mac Mini computers and used Mac Mini computers.

Whether looking at a refurbished Mac Mini M2 Pro or a used Mac Mini for sale, these offer excellent value.

In this post, we’ll compare the Apple Mac Mini M1 vs. M2 vs. M2 Pro and explain why a refurbished Mac Mini is the perfect addition to your setup at a fraction of the cost.

Best Refurbished Mac Mini Computers

Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip 

Apple Refurbished Mac Mini

Charged by M2 silicon chip

Get incredible performance with the M2 chip.

Whether editing video, designing graphics or juggling multiple apps at once, the M2 delivers.

8-core CPU, 10-core GPU and up to 24GB of unified memory means this Mac Mini is built for heavy professional workloads.

Connect what you need 

The Mac Mini with M2 has all the ports you need.

Two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, Gigabit Ethernet and a headphone jack.

You can also configure it with 10Gb Ethernet for even faster networking.

Compatible out of the box

Run all your favourite apps fast on the Mac Mini desktop.

Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom and over 15,000 apps and plug-ins are optimized for the M2 chip so everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Memory efficient

The Mac Mini’s unified memory is more than traditional RAM, a high bandwidth, low latency single memory pool.

This means data moves quickly, so everything you do is seamless.

Choose up to 24GB of memory with the M2 for effortless multitasking and handling big files.

SSD Storage

The Mac Mini has all-flash storage for your photos and videos, files and apps.

Choose up to 2TB SSD with the M2 for fast storage and plenty of space.

Safe and secure

The M2 chip and macOS Ventura have industry leading privacy and security features, including built-in protection against malware and viruses.

The Secure Enclave helps protect your system and data.

What can a Mac Mini do?

The Mac Mini desktop with M2 can do everything, from creating presentations and editing photos to gaming and running complex simulations.

Easy to get started

Setting up your Mac Mini is easy, and with Apple ID integration, you can quickly switch to a Mac.

You can start working right away with minimal setup required.

Add a display and accessories

Add to your Mac Mini with the Apple Studio Display.

Connect Apple accessories like the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID or your favourite compatible peripherals.


Unbeatable Performance:

  • The M2 chip, with its 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, provides performance improvements and capabilities that make it suitable for tasks like video editing and running multiple virtual machines.

Connectivity Galore:

  • Check this out: two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, HDMI, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and Gigabit Ethernet. And if you’re into super-fast networking, there’s an option for 10Gb Ethernet. You can connect all the things!

Unified Memory Awesomeness:

  • The unified memory architecture is pure magic. The CPU and GPU share the same memory pool. Data moves faster and more efficiently. Up to 24GB of this sweet memory means smoother multitasking and quicker file handling.

Top-Shelf Security:

  • This Mac Mini is like Fort Knox with the M2 chip and macOS Ventura. It has built in protection against malware and viruses, and the Secure Enclave keeps your data safe. It’s like having a personal security team for your computer.

Fast and Huge Storage:

  • All-flash storage up to 2TB! That’s more space than you’ll ever need for your games, videos and files. And lightning-fast access speeds. No more waiting forever for files to load!


Not Upgradable:

  • Okay, here’s the bad news: the newer models have soldered components, so you can’t upgrade RAM or storage later on. You’re stuck with what you buy, which is a total bummer if you need more power.

No Built-Ins:

  • The Mac Mini doesn’t come with a display, keyboard or mouse. So you’ll have to pay extra for those. If you’re on a budget, that can be a real pain, especially if you want matching Apple accessories. If you’re looking for all in one desktop computer, check out this deal for iMac on Amazon today.




Apple Mac Mini Desktop Computer With M2 Pro Chip 

Refurbished Mac Mini M2 Pro Chip

More muscle more hustle

Meet the Mac Mini, the ultimate desktop powerhouse, with the M2 Pro chip.

This little guy brings next-gen Apple silicon to your desk. Supercharge your productivity and creativity.

Edit 8K videos, design complex graphics, or run demanding apps.

The M2 Pro chip takes it to a whole new level.

Supercharged by M2 Pro

The M2 Pro chip is a monster.

We’re talking 12-core CPU and 19-core GPU.

It’s all in a tiny box. It can handle anything you throw at it, from 8K video editing to complex simulations.

Up to 32GB of unified memory and 200GB/s memory bandwidth means multitasking is a breeze and data moves fast.

Connect what you want

Hook it all up!

The Mac Mini with M2 Pro has plenty of ports, two Thunderbolt 4, two USB-A, HDMI, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Need faster networking?

Go for the 10Gb Ethernet and get lightning fast connections for heavy data transfer and seamless online experiences.

Simply compatible

All your favorite apps, optimized for the M2 Pro chip, run like a charm.

From Adobe Creative Cloud to Microsoft 365 and Zoom, over 15,000 apps and plug-ins are ready to go.

No lag, just speed. The Mac Mini is compatible with all your must-have tools for a smooth workflow.

Efficient memory

Unified memory is the way to go.

The Mac Mini’s unified memory architecture lets the CPU and GPU share the same pool.

Choose up to 32GB with the M2 Pro, and you’ll have silky smooth performance even with the heaviest workloads.

This efficient memory setup means faster data access and processing, so multitasking and large files are a breeze.

Lightning fast SSD storage

Store it all without slowing down.

The Mac Mini M2 Pro has all-flash storage options up to 8TB.

Your files, apps and media load in an instant so you have more time to create and less time to wait.

The high speed SSD means your data is always at your fingertips and you have instant access to all your important documents and media.

Safe and secure

Your data is protected. The M2 Pro chip and macOS Ventura have industry leading security features.

Built-in malware and virus protection and the Secure Enclave ensure your system and data are safe. Apple’s security means your information is private and protected so that you can relax.

Mac Mini does that

This isn’t just a desktop. The Mac Mini with M2 Pro is for pros, who use it for video editing and graphic design, gaming, and running multiple virtual machines.

The Mac Mini delivers big for creators and professionals, big projects, and entertainment.

Easy to use

Setup is a breeze.

Unbox, plug in and you’re good to go.

With Apple ID, switching to Mac is seamless and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The Mac Mini’s easy setup means you can start working or playing right out of the box with minimal fuss.

Display and accessories add-ons

Maximize your setup. Pair the Mac Mini with the Apple Studio Display.

Connect your Magic Keyboard with Touch ID or your favorite peripherals to complete your desktop setup.

The Mac Mini is compatible with tons of accessories so you can customize your workspace to your needs.


Unreal Processing Power:

  • Dude, the M2 Pro chip is a monster! It has a 12-core CPU and a 19-core GPU. It can handle 8K video editing, complex simulations, and any heavy duty task you throw at it. It’s like having a supercomputer on your desk!

Mind-Blowing Memory Bandwidth:

  • 200GB/s memory bandwidth, people! Faster data access and smoother multitasking. Your games, apps and huge files run like butter.

Versatile Connectivity:

  • The Mac Mini M2 Pro has all the ports you’ll ever need: two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, HDMI, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and Gigabit Ethernet. You can also upgrade to 10Gb Ethernet for ultra fast networking. Plug in all the things!

Blazing Fast Storage:

  • Up to 8TB of SSD storage. Insanely fast read/write speeds. Your files, apps and media load instantly. No more waiting around for stuff to open. It’s a nerd’s dream!

Rock Solid Security:

  • The M2 Pro chip and macOS Ventura have top notch security features. Built in protections against malware and viruses and the Secure Enclave to keep your data safe. It’s like having a personal bodyguard for your digital life.


Limited Upgradability:

  • Okay, here’s the bad news: the newer models have soldered components, so you can’t upgrade the RAM or storage later. You’re pretty much stuck with what you buy. This is a bummer if you like to tinker and upgrade your gear.

No Built Ins:

  • It’s a bummer that it doesn’t have a built-in display, keyboard, or mouse, so you’ll have to buy those separately.

Apple 2020 Mac Mini M1 Chip

2020 used Mac Mini Computer

M1 Chip: Game changer

Okay, so the M1 chip is a total game changer! With an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, it can handle everything from the basics to heavy workloads. Fast and power efficient, it’s for all your computing needs.

Amazing performance

Mac Mini with M1 is a beast. It flies through web browsing, document editing, and 4K video editing. And gaming? No problem. It’s like having a mini Hulk on your desk, ready to smash.

Unified memory

No more slowdowns! Mac Mini M1 has up to 16GB of unified memory, so the CPU and GPU share the same memory pool. Data access is super fast, and multitasking is smooth.

Fast storage

256GB SSD storage means your files, apps and games load instantly. No more waiting for things to open – everything happens fast.

Versatile connectivity

Mac Mini M1 has all the ports: 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4, 2 USB-A, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, headphone jack. Connect all your devices and peripherals with ease. It’s the ultimate nerd hub!

macOS Big Sur

Running on macOS Big Sur, the Mac Mini M1 offers a smooth and intuitive experience.

It has new features and enhancements to make your Mac more powerful and fun to use, and it works with all your other Apple devices.

Energy efficient

The M1 chip is powerful and super efficient. Your Mac Mini runs calm and quiet, and it’s better for the environment and your electricity bill. Win-win!

Small but mighty

Mac Mini M1 is tiny, 7.7 inches square and 1.4 inches tall.

It fits anywhere, on a cluttered desk or in a home entertainment setup.

Don’t let its size fool you, it’s a big machine in a small package.


The M1 chip has security built in.

It has advanced security features, like the Secure Enclave, to protect your data.

It’s like having a digital bodyguard watching over your stuff.

Quick set up

Plug it in, connect your peripherals, and you’re good to go. The setup process is quick and straightforward.


Blown Away Performance:

  • Guys! With an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, this thing rips through tasks like a hot knife through butter, including coding, video editing, and gaming. It’s like having a mini supercomputer on your desk.

Unified Memory Awesomeness:

  • The unified memory architecture is pure genius! Up to 16GB of memory shared between the CPU and GPU means everything runs smoother and faster. Multitasking? No problem. It’s like having a warp drive for your apps.

Fast SSD Storage:

  • 256GB of SSD storage means your files, apps and games load in a flash. Say goodbye to loading screens and hello to instant access. It’s like having a turbo boost for your data!

Tons of Ports:

  • This thing has all the ports: two Thunderbolt/USB 4, two USB-A, HDMI 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and a headphone jack. You can connect all your gadgets and peripherals without breaking a sweat. It’s like a nerd’s dream come true!

Energy Efficient:

  • The M1 chip is not only fast but also super efficient. Your Mac Mini runs calm and quiet, saves power and keeps your workspace zen. Plus it’s better for the environment. Win-win!


No External GPU Support:

  • Unfortunately, the M1 Mac Mini doesn’t support external GPUs. So, if you’re a hardcore gamer or need extra graphics juice for 3D rendering you might be limited. It’s like having a turbocharged engine but no nitrous.

One Display Limitation on HDMI:

  • The M1 Mac Mini can only support one display through its HDMI port which could be a limitation for those who need multiple monitors for their setup. It’s like having a command center but only one main screen.

Why Should You Consider Buying Refurbished Mac Mini Computer

Buying a refurbished Mac Mini is a smart move for many reasons, you get the performance and reliability of an Apple device for a fraction of the cost.

Here’s why you should go refurbished:


Let’s be honest, new tech is expensive.

A used Mac Mini gives you the same powerful performance without breaking the bank.

You get top quality hardware for a lot less.

Quality Assurance

Apple’s refurbished products undergo a thorough testing process.

Each unit is inspected, cleaned, and repaired if needed.

Plus, they come with a new battery and outer shell, so your Mac Mini looks and works like new. It’s like a fresh start for your tech.

Check out some cool things you can do with your Mac!

Environmental Benefits

By going refurbished, you’re also doing your part for the planet.

Refurbishing extends the product’s life, reducing E waste and demand for new resources.

A win-win situation for you and the Earth.

Warranty and Support For Refurbished Device

Refurbished Mac Minis come with a warranty from one year to up to three years, often the same as new.

So you have peace of mind knowing Apple will back up your purchase.

Plus, you have access to Apple’s support if you have any questions or issues.


Refurbished doesn’t mean old. These Mac Minis still have the power, storage and memory to do the job.

Whether it’s work, creative projects or everyday tasks, a refurbished Mac Mini delivers.

Upgraded Software

Your refurbished Mac Mini will come with the latest version of MacOS, so you’ll have access to all the new features, updates, and security fixes.

You’ll never miss out on any of the latest tech.

For Many Uses

Whether setting up a home office, a media server or a study desk, a refurbished Mac Mini is versatile enough for everything.

Its small size and big capabilities make it perfect for any setup.

Learn more about your iCloud with our comprehensive guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to buy a refurbished Mac?

Yes! Buying a refurbished Mac is a great way to get a top quality Apple computer for less.

Apple thoroughly tests, cleans, and repairs used Macs to meet the same standards as new devices.

They come with a new battery and outer case backed by a warranty, so they’re safe and cost-effective.

Is it safe to buy a used Mac mini?

Yes, buying a used Mac mini is safe, especially if you buy from a trusted source like Apple’s refurbished store or certified resellers.

These devices are thoroughly tested and refurbished to work like new ones.

Just check the return policy and warranty to protect your investment.

Are Mac Minis worth it?

Yes! Mac minis pack a lot of power in a small package, making them suitable for home offices, media centers and creative workstations.

You can upgrade memory and storage, and they can handle demanding tasks.

Mac minis are great value for the money.

Is it safe to buy Apple refurbished?

Yes, it’s very safe. Apple’s refurbished products are thoroughly tested and come with a one year warranty, just like new products.

They come with new batteries, an outer case, and any repairs necessary to make them look new.

You can also buy AppleCare for more coverage.


A refurbished Mac Mini is a smart and affordable option.

From personal experience, I’ve found that refurbished Mac mini’s are just as reliable and fast as new ones.

Whether you’re using a refurbished Mac Mini M2 Pro, M2 or M1, they are top notch choices.

Refurbished Mac Minis are put through rigorous testing and refurbishment by Apple to meet high standards.

You get a device that looks and performs like new with the bonus of a warranty.

Looking for a powerful compact desktop?

Get the Apple’s refurbished Mac Mini. You’ll save money, get a great product and help the planet.

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