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    Invoice Maker is the app that has all the necessary features for easy creation and exchange of invoices:

    * Create invoices and estimates wherever you are with a customer, between jobs, or at home.

    * Automatically generate invoices from estimates with one tap

    * Simply choose an invoice template and customize

    * Save frequently used line items, clients and settings for faster invoicing later

    * Quickly set up clients from your phone contact list

    * Generate receipts with a pre-built receipt template

    * Tax on item or total, inclusive or exclusive

    * Deliver via email, text, print or PDF

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    Download Invoice Maker: Estimate App

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    Are you looking for a simple and easy way to set squat goals, count your squats throughout the day and track your results?

    With Squats Counter you can easily track you squats throughout the day. View statistics and important information about your pushup tracking. Set daily squats goals.

    Premium subscribers can now track more exercises and workouts. Including push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, lunges and more!

    Download Squats Counter App 

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  3. Magui Sandjou

    Frustrated with tracking latest immigration updates?

    Want clear access to complete and authentic occupation details?

    Trying to find an easy-to-use point test and visa fees calculator?

    OccuSearch is your Saviour!

    Try now to find out more!

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