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If you’ve been updated on the news and social media these days, then you’d know about Black Lives Matter. This movement has gained the support of millions of people worldwide and for good reasons. People have taken this movement to a whole new level with protests happening around the world. Not everyone can take it to the streets, but there are still other ways to show your support. Here are some social justice apps for your iPhone that you can use to turn your words into action.

Social Justice Apps for iPhone

1. Black Nation

Focusing on the Black Lives Matter movement, check out this app called Black Nation created by Rameish Budhoo.

Launched in 2018, this app enables you to look for black-owned businesses in your city. People of color can have their businesses get more visibility through this app.

It’s great for people looking for hole-in-the-walls and hidden gems and supporting the black community at the same time. You can order from their stores online and show your support through your iPhone.

2. Buycott

In this day and age, you no longer have an excuse for not being more informed. With the availability of technology, it is now up to you to know what you buy and support as a consumer. This app called Buycott helps users know more about the ethics and practices behind each product they buy. The app scans barcodes and lets you know where your money is going. Is the company that created the product you’re buying in support of social justice and human rights?

As a consumer, you are supporting what the company stands for if you buy their products. It’s important to recognize that even these small decisions can affect a lot of people, even communities. Hence, it’s vital that consumers are informed and aware of their choices whenever they buy and support a product. Buycott helps you make informed decisions that can indirectly affect the community as a whole.

3. 5 Calls

Another way to voice out your concerns and support for social justice is by using an app called 5 Calls. This app connects you to your representatives in the government – people who can take actions and make a change at a higher level. 5 Calls is an app that lets you choose an issue and asks for your zip code so it can connect you to the right people.

If you’re not sure exactly what to say about a certain issue, the app also provides a suggested script that you can just read. This way, you can also ask questions directly from the people who know more about the issue. Consequently, they can take actions that can actually make a change.

4. Empowrd

Empowrd is another app that connects you to the right people and events based on the issues you’re concerned with. It allows you to follow organizations that support movements that you support.

If they’re holding any upcoming events, you can stay up to date. Empowrd is a great social justice app for effective civic engagement.

Not only does it have a user-friendly interface, but Empowrd also provides suggestions for campaigns based on your interests.

5. ShareTheMeal

You’ve probably seen this ad somewhere. ShareTheMeal is an app where you can donate to help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) feed marginalized people around the world. WFP is the biggest humanitarian organization that fights against hunger. This agency is able to reach about 80 million people from 80 countries and provide food assistance.

Because this program is only funded through voluntary donations, each donation counts. Most people are usually concerned about whether their donation truly goes to the people in need. You don’t have to worry about this as WFP is known to have one of the lowest administrative costs in its sector. As much as possible, most of the donations go directly to its operations to fight against hunger.

6. Charity Miles

Do you run? If you’re someone who regularly walks, runs, or bikes, why not hit two birds with one stone? With this app called Charity Miles, you can earn money for charities by simply doing what you already do – walk, run, or bike.

The app has partnered with several companies to make this possible. Simply select a charity and do your thing.

Charity Miles will measure the distance you make through walking, running, or biking and allows you to earn money for your chosen charity. Now, you can stay fit and healthy while also supporting your cause.

These are only some apps for social justice that you can use to show your support. Hopefully, these apps would help you take action to promote positive change and diversity. Encouraging people to embrace all kinds of culture is important to create an environment with equal respect for every person of color. Staying informed and supporting movements for social justice through apps is one way to go.

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