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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today

MemoCam: OCR Camera & Scanner

An AI-powered text info recognization camera app, Memo Camera enables accurately detecting and then extracting/saving every important information such as phone numbers, currency, barcodes, addresses, dates or URLs nearby with your camera, or via pictures already saved in Photos.

And then you can make a call, open maps, navigate websites even search flights, and save them all as the contacts or raw text.

Detectable formats and supported actions:

• Phone Number – Save or numbers or convert into iOS contacts.

• E-Mail Address – Send a message.

• Address – Open on map

• Date – Save as an event into the Calendar.

• URL – Open with Browser.

• Flight Number – Search for flights with detected numbers.

• Plain Text – Translate Your Whole Text

• Barcode – Search with A Product Code

• Currencies – Find national currencies and some popular cryptocurrencies in the picture. And then search exchange rate.

– USD, EUR, Korean WON, Japanese YEN

We will append and support another currency continually!

Calculator Keyboard – Calku

Calku turn your keyboard into a calculator simplifies the calculation. You can use it at any time, such as when sending messages, doing homework or taking notes. No need to switch apps, no copy and paste required. Compatible with all applications.

Supported Apps :

• Messages,Messenger,WeChat,Line,Twitter,Telegram,Instagram

• Notes

• Mail

• Stocks

Features :

• Dark mode supported

• IOS 14 supported

• Ipad supported

• Decimal point configuration

• Calculation history

• Keyboard sound

Tahrir App – Text on image

Tahrir is the ultimate tool to write on images. You can use built-in fonts, backgrounds, and colours, or use your own.

Version 3 is built from the ground up with amazing new features:

— Universal

Works on both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

— Document Based

Images are saved as editable documents, you can re-use them later.

— Undo, Redo

Here you go! Tahrir supports undo and redo.

— Custom Fonts

There is a new web-based font tool you can use to add and remove your own fonts alongside with more than 150 built-in fonts to Tahrir. All you need is a computer connected to the same WiFi network which hosts the fonts.

— Manage Fonts

Sort fonts by language and hide unnecessary fonts.

— Snap

You can use the new snap tool to align texts to center of the screen or edges of other texts on the screen.

— New Effects

In addition to shadow you can add underline, stroke, and strikethrough to texts.

— Simpler than ever

The UI is simple as possible, to make you focus on your design.

The Unreader: a Feedbin Client

The Unreader is the perfect Feedbin client for feed completionists. It provides the ideal navigation and layout for effortlessly managing your unread list.


› Background refresh and notifications — never miss a new article.

› Content Extraction — read the full text of a linked article, even if the feed only sends summaries.

› Full search support — find any article in your feeds using Feedbin’s incredible search backend.

› Widgets! — Multiple customizable home screen widgets, with image support and custom background colors.

› Dark mode & more — supports all the features of iOS 14, including gorgeous Dark Mode.


Do you have no desire to go to a photo studio and spend a lot of money? Create your own passport photo in 5 minutes!

In 3 simple steps create a biometric passport photo for your ID card, passport, driver’s license, application or electronic health card:

1. Import a photo or take one with your phone camera.

2. Edit your photo according to the pattern.

3. Print the generated collage on 10x15cm paper.

For each printed photo you get four 3.5-by-4.5cm pictures that you will cut yourself. They comply with the official requirements for biometric passport pictures. These photos are perfect for ID cards, passports and other official documents.

Privacy Notice: Your photos remain stored in your mobile phone and are not publicly shared.

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