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Free iOS Apps Today: Download Paid Apps for Free, July 18, 2019

free ios apps

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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today


Paint the tiles to make matches and clear the board.

The game starts simple, you are given three colors to paint tiles with. As you gain the skills necessary to solve increasingly challenging puzzles you’re faced with new mechanics – dissolving ground, bombs, rainbow tiles, all of which make you think in new and interesting ways. Paintiles is a must for puzzle lovers!

  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Color-blind friendly
  • 60 hand crafted levels
  • Buy once and play forever – no in app purchases or ads
  • Zen mode for an endless amount of stress free puzzles

I hope you enjoy playing!

Tiny Dentist

– Downloaded 2500000+ and counting. Thank you!

– Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dentist – Kotaku

– Editor Picked by

– I really enjoyed this app, as did my daughter. – appPicker

Ever wanted swap places with your dentist? Today it’s possible with Tiny Dentist!

Turn your iPhone/iPad into the dentist office! Learn about dental instruments and treatments and make teeth of dozens of patients healthy and good looking.


– Uncountable number of patients with lots of dental problems

– Remove all traces of caries and fill the hole in the tooth

– Remove tooth calculus

– Use water and air spray

– Extract decayed teeth

– Remove food that stuck in teeth

– Dental bleaching

– Remove halitosis

– Put braces on

– Brush teeth

– Graphics designed for retina display!

– Works with both iPhone and iPad!

– Kid-friendly interface!

– No third-party advertising!

– No in-app purchases!

Decide Now!

The best decision maker: put your OWN ideas on a spinner wheel & get the answer!

Can’t decide? Or afraid of making the wrong choice? The original Decide Now! app is here to help you! Create your question, add answers, spin the wheel and see what comes up!

Decide Now! will randomly choose your next step in those situations and give you entertaining ideas on different occasions.

Where to travel? What dress should I wear? Who is going to answer in the classroom?

Let Decide Now! select it in a fun way!


• CUSTOM WHEELS: unlimited number of your OWN wheels with unlimited number of labels you can put on them

• DEACTIVATE LABELS: disable/enable labels to temporarily eliminate some choices

• BULK IMPORT: you can add large label lists to your wheels right from the clipboard

• EXPORT WHEELS: easily export your wheels and share them with your friends or transfer among your devices

• SHARING: Share your decisions with your friends

• SHAKE TO RANDOMISE: randomly reposition your labels on the wheel just by shaking your device

• Predefined wheel templates

• Exciting color schemes

• Dark / light themes

Realistic Chinese Checkers

Realistic Chinese Checkers with unbelievable real crystal balls.

There are 2 play modes: Capture and Free.

Capture mode:

You can play with Computer or up to 6 players. Computer player have very strong AI.

Detail: All sixty game pieces start out in the hexagonal field in the center of the game board. The center position is left unoccupied, so pieces form a symmetric hexagonal pattern. Color is irrelevant in this variant, so players take turns hopping any game piece over any other eligible game piece(s) on the board. The hopped-over pieces are captured (retired from the game, as in American checkers) and collected in the capturing player’s bin.

The game ends when no further jumps are possible. The player with the most captured pieces is the winner.

The board is tightly packed at the start of the game; as more pieces are captured, the board frees up, often allowing multiple captures to take place in a single move.

Free mode:

Just like a Chinese checkers board. No rule, no AI.

You can play anyway you like.

Block vs Block

We modify the world most attractive puzzle game on PC / NES / FC / PS. How to play it is no need to explain. iOS “Block vs Block” allow you play against computer, or human (iPad only).

– 16 different shapes

– 4 different special items

– VS mode

Very attractive graphic, very easy to control, very strong computer player. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy it now!

Preview video:

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