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How much storage do you have left on your iPhone? If you’ve got an 8GB or 16GB device, the chances are you’re struggling with space. And, it’s also likely that the culprit is your photo library.

I don’t know about you, but when I look at Photos, I am always amazed at how many I have. And yet when I try to clean it up, I don’t seem to make any headway.

An obvious solution is to pay for iCloud storage, which is nicely priced, so there’s really no reason not to upgrade your free plan.

Another option is this app called Avast Photo Space.

The app works in a simple way.

It optimizes photos stored on your phone, effectively shrinking the file size. Naturally, this process may result in the loss of quality, so the app takes the original photos and uploads them to the cloud – you get to choose which service to use.

Avast Photo Space

Sure, it still makes use of the cloud, but you get to keep more photos on your phone for those moments you want to reminisce or when you want to share photos.

As the developers claim, their method allows you to keep 7GB worth of photos in only 1GB! That makes a world – no, worlds – of difference, especially if your phone has low storage.

Avast Photo Space comes with its own camera app, which will automatically transfer, optimize, and sync your photos to the cloud.

The app is free, so you may want to give it a shot.

Download the iOS app.

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