Rumor: Possible Apple Event at the end of Feb. Also, possible sun will continue to shine

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Appleinsider reports that its informants, combined with TUAW’s informants might equal a possible, maybe, not quite sure, but it could be, event at the end of Feb.

As astonishing as that might sound – as hard as it might be to believe – it kind of…you know…makes sense.

There is this little thing called an iPhone SDK that’s coming out in Feb. Since we’re all fairly certain that Apple isn’t just going to let it out into the wild with no explanation. With iTunes looking like the distribution model for the software, and the ins and outs of what developers can and can’t do – it only makes sense that Jobs will do so in an live event…probably at Apple HQ.

SO – I feel really confident that there will be a “special event” before the end of the month.

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Rumor: Possible Apple Event at the end of Feb. Also, possible sun will continue to shine

  1. I know right? All the Apple sites are flippin out. Haven’t we know for like a year that the iPhone SDK is coming out this month? It’s a no-brainer.

  2. I think we will see one. My guess is thinner more powerful macbook pros. Also with the delay of appleTv I think there might be more coming that we did not know of especially after those patents were shown. So my guess is MacBook pro, launch of apple tv with more updates, and sdk with hopefully iChat mobile being released for all to download.

    What I really want is a 32gb iPhone… Haha its only matter of time for that though. Its possible that’s why apple never released it for the iPhone because they are prepping one that big for its revamp.

  3. sounds too good to be true, then again macrumors already posted some pictures to go with the rumor.
    I wonder if I should get my hopes up again for a 12″ mbp? I still want one 😛

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