Apple Gazette Daily 282 – WWDC 2008 Keynote Recap!

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Today’s Show: WWDC 2008 Keynote Recap!

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  1. IS there anywhere to watch the keynote?

  2. @B

    You can download it from iTunes once they post it. They will also post it on their website tonight or tomorrow.

  3. Oh great
    Yes I’ve noticed before, but not sure on how long it takes.

    Shame keynote was all about iphone.
    I wish theyd announce new macbooks

  4. Is it just me, or Steve Jobs really doesn’t look very healthy these days? So skinny…
    Anyhow, he mentioned a second part of the keynote about Snow Leopard…you think it’s gonna be online as well?

  5. Looks like the data plan for the 3G will bump up to $30 .

  6. Oops…^^^…I posted that in a the wrong comment topic, sorry.

  7. Ueah I was wondering if the keynote about leapord would be put online.
    Nut I believe it was only a sneak preview for developers there.It might be released later

  8. Can the keynote be downloaded from iTunes or somplace else for viewing or even listening later. I’ve got a trip to Germany this weekend and I’ll have a lot of plane time to watch stuff like this. I’ve searched in iTunes for WWDC and all I can find is the 2007 keynote, and not the 2008. Thanks.

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