Apple Gazette and the Future

Mac OS X Dashboard

We haven’t been around. That was obvious. But we’re back now, slowly gaining our bearings.

Let me introduce myself — I’m Jayvee Fernandez, chief editor for Splashpress Media. A couple of months ago, Apple Gazette was sold and procured by our network of sites. This caused a little hitch in transition — weeks without content, comments unapproved and podcast feeds not showing up. But we’re back with a new set of writers. We know that coming in the middle of things may cause a stir especially with the community that was built around the old staff of writers and editors, but as far as the blogging industry goes, it was time to move on. We are bringing in a new team for Apple Gazette, all passionate Mac users (there really is no other way) to continue the next phase of the legacy. Stay tuned, and thanks!


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