Remotely Shutdown your Mac via Email

mailsleep.pngThe Mac OS X Hints Weblog over at Macworld magazine has a really useful tip on how you can actually shut your Mac down remotely using a combination of Apple Mail and AppleScript.  The key to the whole thing is the Rules feature of Apple Mail which allows you to run AppleScript from within a filter email.

It’s a pretty cool little trick, and even those of us with limited or no AppleScript knowledge should be able to do it with no trouble.

Take a look right here.


  1. Thanks for the hint. I actually wrote this tip in the comments of the idea of sending the Mac to sleep by Automator and thought it would be easier just to make a rule in Mail: I am now playing around to do some much more interesting stuff – not only to use Mail to bring out the trash ; ) See my blog for that the next days …

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