5 Things You Need to Know About Mac Security Vulnerability Thunderstrike

In case you missed it during the busy holiday rush over the past few weeks, a computer security expert has discovered a vulnerability in the Mac’s much vaunted Thunderbolt port that is causing some concern amongst Apple fans. This major security flaw has been dubbed “Thunderstrike” and it could be used used to launch an […]

Apple Upgrades iMacs

Apple updates all of its hardware products at least once a year, with improved specs and other assorted details. This includes the entire line of ever-popular touch devices like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, but also their core computers as well: the iMac and MacBook. Today, it was the iMac’s turn in the spotlight, but […]

What Is Thunderbolt And Can I Use It?

The highlight of Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement is the inclusion of Intel’s newest high-speed data transfer data technology Thunderbolt. Despite it being a new standard, you can start using Thunderbolt today. High-Speed Data Transfer Thunderbolt is being billed by Apple and Intel as the successor to USB 3.0, Firewire and other high-speed data transfer protocols. […]