Apple R&D Budget Suggests Something Big is in the Works

Apple is a company that is know for keeping well guarded secrets. This is particularly true when it is working on a new product that hasn’t even been announced yet. Sure, there are occasionally leaks about upcoming gadgets that make their way out to the press via the supply chain, but those typically don’t occur […]

Is the iPhone 6S Coming in August?

Remember Ming Chi-Kuo? He’s the Apple analyst we told you about awhile back after he made some rather bold predictions about the iPhone 6S. He’s making headlines once again this week following a research note he wrote for KGI Securities, the investment firm that he works for. In the note, Kuo made what could be an even bolder prediction, […]

Do We Have an iPhone 6C Leak?

Rumors of an iPhone 6 with a 4-inch screen have been going around, but they didn’t really have much to stand on. Now, new photos of a supposedly iPhone 6C leak have surfaced, and while we don’t exactly know just how real these photos are, they do provide some interesting points to consider. The first […]

Why Apple Probably Isn’t Making a Camera to Compete with GoPro

Earlier this week it was revealed that Apple had been granted a patent for a wearable camera similar to those made by GoPro – the company that has the dominated the POV action-cam market for years. The news was startling enough to investors that it caused GoPro stock to plummet more than 12%, triggering a NASDAQ alert that temporarily […]

China’s Apple Products Ban is Nothing Short of a Hoax

Yesterday, Bloomberg broke the news – or rumor, rather – that China has implemented an Apple products ban. The report started strong with “China’s government excluded Apple Inc. iPads and MacBook laptops from the list of products that can be bought with public money because of security concerns, according to government officials familiar with the […]