How to Transfer Photos to Your Mac Without Plugging in a Camera

We live in an increasingly wireless world. It is becoming rarer and rarer that we actually plug anything into our computers these days, as so many devices now come with built-in wireless networking of some kind. That’s good news for laptops like the new MacBook, which has just a single USB-C port to share with […]

How Photos for OS X Will Make You Forget iPhoto Forever

For more than 13 years iPhoto has been a part of the productivity software that comes installed on every Macintosh computer that Apple ships. It’s ability to important, organize, and edit images made it popular with many Mac owners, who often valued simplicity and ease of use over a deeper feature set. But in recent […]

Review: GoodTimes for Mac

GoodTimes is a full-featured software for doing all sorts of practical things with your photos. Want to create a scrapbook for your latest vacation, primarily using your own photos? GoodTimes has you covered. Want to use your photos to tell a story about some life experience you’d like to share with friends and family? This […]