I See You: FBI Investigating Schools Using iSight to Spy on Students

The Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania is in for some deep trouble according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court. Apparently, they’ve been using the built-in iSight cameras on the student-issued MacBooks to spy on students and see what they’re up to. Of course, they claim that they only turn on the cameras […]

Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” IMPULSIVE REVIEW

The revolutionary sound system has arrived! It has a name, it has a subwoofer, it has tweeters, it has wireless-integrated technology, it has superior sound, it has pure qualitative quality: it is the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” music system. In an age that has adopted digital music, the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” cannot be overlooked, or go […]

Apple Announces New iMacs, MacBooks, Minis, Magic Mouse… Whoop De Doo.

In case you didn’t quite get it, notice the sarcasm when I said, ‘Whoop de doo’. It’s like Apple announcements are always TOO hyped up. Honestly. As much as I am an Apple Fan Girl, I can only muster so much enthusiasm about something that’s not so ‘revolutionary’. For this month’s Apple announcement, they released […]