Apple Now Worth More Than Microsoft

I’m not a stock guy, and I have an accountant to handle many of my business items. As such, some of the subtle nuances of the business world are lost on me. Fortunately, I can read. Like this article from yesterday’s Business Insider: Apple’s stock market capitalization (AAPL) has not yet quite surpassed Microsoft’s (MSFT), […]

The Apple Remote

Oh, the Apple Remote. I remember when I first bought my white MacBook back in 2007 – my introduction to the Mac scene – and found the little white remote to control Front Row. I had no idea what it did at first, and once I did finally determine its use, I promptly threw it […]

iFixit Goes Big

I have this old HP laptop that I got years ago in trade for fixing someone’s Windows box. I haven’t used the thing in years, and for the past three it’s spent its days underneath the buffet in my dining room. After cleaning up the dining room the other day, I found the thing and […]