Welcome to the eParty Borders, Have a Seat by Amazon and Barnes & Noble

In my town, there used to be a Borders bookstore every few miles, until a few years ago, when they all started to disappear. I’m not hunting them down or anything, so it’s not like I know exactly where they are today, but the only one I’ve seen recently is downtown by my old work. […]

The Reader

I’ve spoken pretty extensively about my mother’s day gift of an iPad, but over this past weekend, another revelation came to my mother which she excitedly showed me. But first, a little background. My mother is an avid reader. She picks up a 300-page book on a Monday and it’s typically done by Tuesday night, […]

Apple 1, Amazon 0

In the battle between the iPad and Kindle, it looks like Apple has won the first big battle. PCWorld is reporting that Amazon has given in to 3 publishers, causing a change in their pricing system for e-books. From the article: In order to stay competitive with Apple’s iPad, Amazon needs to keep as many publishers in […]

Kindle for iPhone App To Make Kindle Extinct?!

With the oncoming approach of Apple’s newest technological juggernaut, the iPad, Amazon quickly released the “Kindle for iPhone” App about a year ago. Why? Well, despite the successes of the digital book reader, the Amazon Kindle, Amazon appears ready to concede the war for the ultimate portable digital reading media device to Apple in the […]

Apple Vs Amazon: It’s War!

OK, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But the fact is, Amazon isn’t too thrilled with the iPad, nor with its iBooks store. The iPad represents a huge threat to its e-book sales, and that’s a hit to the bottom line. Amazon does have an advantage, however. Leverage against the publishers. And guess […]