Apple Announces iPhone 4S Oct. 14th; No iPhone 5

Today, Apple unveiled the hotly anticipated new generation of iPhones, but there was no number 5 anywhere to be seen. Instead, we got an upgraded, 2x faster iPhone “4S” with a powerful new camera, iOS 5 & iCloud, and a built-in personal assistant. But Apple didn’t show up without a few surprises…

The iPad and Printing

I can’t get over this picture, it gets me every time. As it turns out though, there may be something coming down the pike.I’m not one to report on rumors, but MacRumors has Steve’s latest e-mail (he’s been quite vocal, recently) and it’s pretty clear. The question: Dear Steve, Why no printing on the iPad? […]

VIDEO: Apple Keynote Bloopers

I don’t know about you, but I’m really bummed about the cancelation of Macworld Keynotes. I know we still have one left – but without Jobs there is very little chance that we’re going to see anything revolutionary at the show. So it’s made me kind of reflective. I’ve looked at some of my favorite […]