Why it Doesn’t Pay to Jailbreak Your iPhone Any More

Before getting started, I’m a huge fan of Jailbreaking and tweaking just about every setting on my iPhone.  I’ve jailbroken every Apple device I’ve ever owned, including the original iPod Touch that I had to SSH into to jailbreak it manually. I love making little changes like adding a flashing Apple logo instead of the […]

RubyRa1n To Be The Next Jailbreaking Tool By GeoHot?

George Hotz, otherwise known as GeoHot and of the first pioneers in unlocking the iPhone may be releasing a new Jailbreak tool. GeoHot is well known for his Jailbreaking Tools blackra1n, limera1n and blacksn0w which make it extremely easy for anyone to hack their iOS based device. A WHOIS check on the domain name http://www.rubyra1n.com points […]

Closer To An iPod Nano Jailbreak: How To Enable DFU Mode

Putting an iOS device in to DFU mode is one of the fundamental steps to jailbreaking. An enterprising user has found out enable DFU mode on the iPod Nano. News about Jailbreaking the iPod Nano have ramped up as a developer named James Whelton found a way to modify the device’s springboard to remove an […]

Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 4.2 Out Now In Beta Form

If you’ve been waiting for an untethered Jailbreak, you may be in luck. However, a word to caution for those looking to try it: it’s in beta form. The iPhone Dev Team announced a beta version of its untethered Jailbreak but it isn’t for the faint of heart. This beta is only available for the […]

Jailbreak Detector No Longer Present In iOS 4.2

As developers find holes and exploits to Jailbreak and unlock iOS devices, Apple has been vigilant on developing countermeasures to these exploits by implementing tougher security measures in each OS revision. However, Apple may be relenting a bit as the API used to detect if iOS was compromised is no longer available in the latest […]