Apple’s Data Server Center Ready Soon

[Image via Fortune, Video Shot By Bill Wagenseller] For the past little while, Apple has been building a data center out in North Carolina. It’s apparently going to be a server farm, presumably for iTunes. There was an interesting article in TechCrunch yesterday about the Q3 earnings call. Here’s the scoop: During Apple’s Q3 2010 earnings […]

Integrating the iPad

My mother loves her iPad, but that’s no surprise. The other day she told me about how much the iPad had changed her way of life and the way she did things. No longer did she have notebook after notebook of lists and notes; instead, it was all on the iPad. It got me thinking […]

Rumor: iTunes in the Cloud

We’ve got another rumor going here, and this one is a doozy. The folks at Boy Genius Report tend to have their rumors straight, and this time, they’ve got Apple news. I’ll let them explain the good stuff. One of our reliable Apple sources has just filled us in on some of the company’s iTunes […]

iPhone iOS4 Available: Are You Updating?

In case you missed the big news yesterday, iOS 4 is officially available for download right now, with all its unified inboxing/multitasking/folders packed goodness ready for your eager hands. But the big question remains: Will you update? If you don’t have an iPhone 4 coming this week, then this is most likely a no brainer: […]