How To: Encode Real MP3s in iTunes

You know how it is. You’ve picked up a new CD and you want to play it on your portable music player. But instead of an Apple music player, you own something else, like a Sony Digital Walkman, Zune, or Sansa Fuze. And doggone iTunes will only rip CD tracks into Apple’s proprietary “.AAC” file format […]

More Nails Going In To DVD’s Coffin: iTunes Gaining New Movie Features

Yesterday I published my first post of 2011; the hopeful prediction of Apple killing the near obsolete optical drive. Apple seems to agree that the physical media is going by the wayside as new features are being added to movie downloads on the iTunes store. The new features show up in movies such as “The […]

Ping Now Supports Playlist Creation And Sharing

Apple added new features to iTunes — playlist creation and sharing — to enhance the social sharing aspect of Ping. The new features were added quietly and are part of Apple’s interest in making Ping more social. Anyone part of the social network can import their playlists from iTunes and share it with their friends. […]