iPhone 5S users moan of Windows style “blue screen of death”

iPhone 5S users moan of Windows style ‘blue screen of death’ (via http://newsrule.com) EARLY ADOPTERS of Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S smartphone might be wondering whether their device is in fact running Microsoft Windows, with some users reporting a ‘Blue Screen of Death’ (BSOD). The Verge reports that a handful of users have been…

How iOS 7 Will Save the iPhone

The world of smartphones has grown crowded over the years since the original iPhone launched in 2008. Where Apple once slayed the competition they now fight for market share. By no means is Apple down on its luck, though, as the number 2 maker of smartphones is still in the game and gunning for number […]

Five Ways To Secure Your iPhone You May Not Have Thought Of

The more your iPhone finds itself woven into your personal lifestyle, the more vulnerable you are to security compromises of any kind. On the one hand, apps and websites are trying to grab hold of your data (sometimes without permission). On the other hand, your phone could be snatched right out of your hand by […]

The iPhone of the Future

Six years ago, the iPhone came along and changed mobile computing forever. It boasted wildly revolutionary technology that we thought was impossible at the time. What impossible technologies will iPhones boast in another six years or more?