Smithsonian Channel App is Free TV & Education

Smithsonian Networks has crafted an amazing array of fascinating, family-friendly and free TV? Are we talking about a Discovery Channel meets Smithsonian Institute explosive App that is made for the iPhone’s gorgeous screen? We are! The “Smithsonian Channel” application is the iPhone’s free TV channel, complete with show listings and full episodes of outstanding and […]

More AppleTV Speculation

Engadget also suggested said that the next-gen Apple TV will essentially be an iPad without a screen, using the same hardware, including the CPU, OS, and 16-Gbytes of flash memory. To accommodate the smaller storage, Apple will emphasize streaming content, the report said. For a project that’s known as Apple’s “hobby,” the AppleTV sure has gotten a […]

Steve Jobs to Do WWDC Keynote

That’s kind of a spooky photo, isn’t it? Anyways, as most of you have probably heard, June 7th is the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and Apple has officially announced that Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote address. 2 years ago this wouldn’t have been anything shocking, but since Steve had his transplant, any speaking […]

OS 4.0 Includes Tethering? Please Say Yes. Seriously.

What, was it just yesterday that I was complaining about AT&T’s lack of tethering after what feels like a millennium? Well this latest report comes from a few different places, including Engadget and MacRumors, so I’m pretty confident that it’s happening, at least on Apple’s end. It looks like the latest developer’s version of OS […]

Apple Integrating Facebook Into iPhone OS 4.0?

The Business Insider is reporting that Apple is going to be working Facebook into the iPhone OS, implementing quite a few different features. Here’s the gist: Our source tells us that Apple is at least going to build Facebook contact syncing directly into the iPhone software, so you can pull Facebook contacts into your iPhone’s […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Has More Surprises In Store. SPOILER: No Cupcakes in the OS. Sigh.

Image via Boy Genius Report iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 was released to developers the other day, and Boy Genius Report uncovered some cool little secrets about the operating system. So what do we have in store? Pictured above at the widgets for the iPod. If you look to the left in that little bar […]