Gelaskins for the iPhone 4

My wife and I have differing tastes in our iPhone accessories.While I enjoy the comfort of a plastic case, she prefers the look of a skin. For her iPhone 3G, she bought a Gelaskin case, but up until the other day, she couldn’t get a case for her new iPhone 4G. Now, things have changed. […]

Live the Kalm Sutra App for Ages 17+

The love making positions of the “Kalm Sutra” application are free to explore on the iPhone! The ancient art of making love is depicted tastefully in this App where the male Elephant humanoid meets the Lady Tiger and bares her a little more than just his heart. Well hello Lady Tiger! Education is the path […]

The iPhone Antenna Thing

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the iPhone 4 and the antenna. For those who haven’t yet heard about the “scandal,” here’s a summation. The cellular antenna is located on the bottom of the iPhone, and is separated from the other antennas by a thin black line. Some people are having problems with […]

An Awkward Conversation

I’ve been married for two years now, and with my wife for over five. In the course of our relationship, I’ve had quite a few awkward conversations with my significant other, but sometimes, the subject can be a bit more awkward than others. I woke up the other morning and checked my e-mail, as I […]

The iPhone 4: Movies

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo. A few months ago, I bought my wife a Flip camera for mother’s day. I thought in the back of my mind that the next iPhone would come with a built-in camera, but since I had no confirmation and a looming […]

FaceTime is a Big Deal

Of all if the cool new features available on the iPhone 4, I think I’ve used FaceTime the most. It started out with a FaceTime call to a friend of mine in San Francisco, then to another who was at a Starbucks in central California. I called my wife from the garage the other day […]

Find My iPhone App Will Track it Down

You’ve heard of Lo-Jack, and now there is the “Find My iPhone” application! Losing the iPad or iPhone could result in dropping another two hundred to eight hundred dollars on Apple equipment, so the solution to not getting one’s property stolen or lost is, of course, in an App. The “Find My iPhone” App uses […]