Bamboo Plated iPhone Cases

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about these guys before, but after a quick search, I’m apparently wrong. With that being the case, let me tell you about these cool new … umm … cases. They’re made by Grove, and these are made out of bamboo. For those that don’t know, bamboo is a super renewable […]

Beef Up Your iPhone 4

I’m a car guy, and as such, I’ve seen many different things getting machined over the years. I love watching a lathe or CNC machine doing its work, and I could just sit there for hours watching a cool part get whittled out of aluminum. It’s fascinating to me. Which explains why I like this […]

HDR Comparisons

I played around with the new HDR feature on my iPhone yesterday with some mixed results. Ultimately, this comes down to the advantages and disadvantages of the technology, but overall, I’m pretty pleased. First, HDR is best in high-contrast situations, such as the images here. Pictured is Scrappy, my dachshund, without HDR below, and with above. […]

Dumb News of the Week: Apple Losing Sales Because of Antennagate

Wow. Just dumb. First, let’s start with this headline from the Business Insider: Apple Is Losing 20% Of U.S. iPhone 4 Sales To Antennagate Wow. That’s impressive sounding. I should read on. Apple is losing iPhone 4 sales to Antennagate, according to a survey conducted by Piper Jaffray. Piper surveyed 258 cell phone owners in the […]