iPad 3 To Be Released in Three Months?

Rumors are again swirling among Apple fans. The newest rumor circulating online is that the iPad 3 is coming soon. Very soon. According to unnamed sources that talked with DigiTimes, the newest iPad could start shipping by March or April, which is just three to four months away. Based on the release schedule that we […]

Apple Asked by Aussie Court to reveal iPad Sales Figures in Battle with Samsung

Apple recently gained a small victory when it won an injunction against Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, forcing the Korean manufacturer to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from the company’s display and booth at the recently held IFA in Germany. But now another battle is looming and this time Apple may have to make some drastic moves […]

The iPad 2 Takes On Consoles

During the iPad 2‘s debut, Apple took every opportunity to promote its powerful graphics engine and 1080p output capability. Developers are updating their Apps to take advantage of the iPad’s faster hardware and already we’re seeing Apps that put the tablet in console gaming territory. Real Racing 2 HD is one of the latest Apps […]

How The iPad 2’s Smart Cover Really Works

During Apple’s iPad 2 event Steve Jobs touted Smart Covers for the device which shield the screen and wake the iPad when opened or sleep it closed. Here’s how Smart Covers really work. Months before the iPad 2’s debut Apple released Betas of iOS 4.3 to developers. Journalists and developers sifted through the Beta releases […]