10 iOS 8 Features We Want to See

With iOS 7.1 due to come out any day now, it’s obviously time to start thinking of what iOS 8 might hold for us. Tim Cook called iOS 7 the “biggest change since the iPhone” and while it was truly a reinvention of the iPhone’s software, we’re definitely interested in what iOS 8 features are […]

Does CarPlay Really Matter?

Early Monday morning Apple announced CarPlay; a new way to use your iPhone and car to listen to music, talk on the phone, receive text messages, and get turn-by-turn directions via Apple Maps. This giant step from Apple seems to be a great new way to use iOS 7 and your car, but does CarPlay […]

CarPlay: A Taste of the iCar?

The iCar has been rumored for quite a while, and although we probably are not going to see a Jony Ive-designed automobile on the streets any time soon, integration is getting somewhere. As has been rumored, Apple is now ready to unveil their iPhone integration system for cars. A taste of the iCar, if you will. […]