Apple Announces FaceTime 1.0, HD Cameras On New MacBook Pros

Amidst Apple’s MacBook Pro announcement was FaceTime’s official debut. The App which allows Mac users to video chat with their friends on OS X and iOS hit version 1.0 on the Mac App Store. A new feature of Apple’s newest MacBook Pros is the inclusion of a High Definition FaceTime video camera that supports 720p […]

Hotspot support for AT&T iPhones and how to enable it

The highlight of Apple’s announcement Verizon would carry the iPhone was mobile hotspot support in addition to tethering. While the iPhone on AT&T supports data tethering, the process took months and was bogged with delays. To combat Verizon, AT&T is being more lenient with its data caps and supporting Mobile Hotspot for iPhone users. As […]

Using CoreMidi With The iPad To Bring Out Your Inner Musician

Many people discount the iPad’s ability to create something useful like illustrations, videos or even music. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned musician, you can use a plethora of hardware and apps to create a unique sound with your iPad. Create Digital Music shot a very useful video that breaks down the basics of […]