Problem Solved

So I’ve got this weird problem. I work with a group of guys who have a good chunk of disposable income, and one of them had an old TV laying around that they wanted to get rid of. It’s one of the first Sony plasma televisions to be released, and it’s mammoth – 50 inch […]

FaceTime on the iPod Touch

If you had asked me two months ago what three things I could count on to be 100% reliable, I would’ve said death, taxes, and the iPod Touch is going to get FaceTime. Apple has been making a big push for the technology to take off since the iPhone 4 came out this summer, and […]

Apple Introduces New 27-inch LED Cinema Display

The Apple display lineup has been pretty lacking the last few years. There’s the ridiculously expensive 30-inch flat panel, clocking in at $1799, and then the 24-inch LED Cinema Display, which is great, but doesn’t match either of the iMacs that it would otherwise complement nicely. One thing I didn’t realize about the 24-inch model […]

WWDC Wrap Up

[Photo Credit: Adam Jackson / Flickr] Here it is, our big wrap up of Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at WWDC 10. This is going to be written as it goes, with more formal posts in the coming days to discuss the nuances of the big reveal(s). *iBooks for iPad – Update to the app. Table […]